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If you were injured on the job, you’re entitled to workers compensation.

It’s that simple. Even if the injury wasn’t the result of poor workplace safety, even if the injury was your fault, you are absolutely entitled to workers comp.

Some employers will try to get their employees to file their workplace injury claims on their own health insurance to keep their workman’s comp policy premiums from going up, but that’s called fraud and it’s a violation of your rights.

What if you are Victim or have been injured at work ?

Contact your Supervisor immediately and report about accident , claiming injury on duty. Request  the medical treatment as soon as possible, and contact experience attorney and give all detail information .

If your attorney is inexperience  in workers’ compensation law and does not regularly practice it, then worker as a victim  may lose some or all benefits.

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Tulsa Workman’s Comp Attorney

If an employer takes care of their employees the way the law says they should, they won’t get lawsuits filed against them.

If you have suffered on the job injuries, whether they are back injuries as a result of accidents, repetitive stress injuries, or anything else, you are entitled to work comp benefits.

Also, people who have lost a spouse to a workplace accident are entitled to certain death benefits and may be eligible to receive lump sum settlements.

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Employers will often resist paying out on workers compensation claims, and sometimes you need a Tulsa workers compensation lawyer to stand up for your rights.

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