Guardrail Defect Accidents

You really do not think much about the guardrail systems on the roads when you are driving. You know that they are there and you know that they are meant to provide protection in the event of a crash. No one really thinks more about these safety systems when they are driving.

Guardrail systems are intended to slow a car down when impact is made. The end system of the guardrail is meant to collapse on impact and turn the rail system into a steel ribbon allowing the car to use it to slow down during the impact.

When these systems work they are very effective. Many people have had their lives saved and have been protected from serious injuries due to these rails. However, there have been some serious issues lately with these systems and they are causing more harm than good.

The Dangers Of Defective Guardrails

Defective guardrails can become the most dangerous part of an accident. Due to defects in the installation or changes in the design, many guardrails are not collapsing on impact. In fact, these guardrails are actually changing into spear like objects that are cutting right through vehicles on impact. This has led to many serious injuries and deaths.

The guardrail is supposed to collapse flat. The new design or installation process, however, has changed how these end pieces are reacting to impact and they fold to form a triangle or spear head. The weight and velocity of impact then changes these guardrails into implements of destruction when a crash occurs.

The change in design or installation has been so significant that the resulting accidents are making the news all over the country. Investigations have even been conducted by major news agencies like 20/20 as well as by local stations.

What all of these news reports have discovered is that these safety devices have now become dangerous and there is no way to know which ones will work properly and which ones will turn into a destructive force.

What To Do If You Have Been Injured By A Defective Guardrail

If you have been involved in an accident that involved injuries caused by a guardrail system, you are encouraged to seek legal help for your case. Seeking compensation from a guardrail injury will require the assistance of an attorney that understands the complicated issues surrounding these types of injuries.

A guardrail accidents attorney understands that there are many parties that may be held responsible for this type of event and they will need to investigate each possibility. The designer, the installation company, the city, county or state may all hold responsibility for these defective guardrails. It will take the knowledge of a qualified guardrail accidents attorney to find the exact parties responsible for your injuries.

In addition to seeking compensation for your injuries that are a result of the guardrail failure, your attorney will also investigate the cause of the accident. Your attorney will seek compensation from all sources responsible for your injuries.

What Type Of Compensation Will My Attorney Seek On My behalf?

Your attorney will seek out one or more of the following types of compensation when you have been injured in an accident.

Only your attorney can tell you exactly what types of compensation you are entitled to under the laws of your state and the terms of the insurance policies covering the event. Your attorney will explain what types of compensation you can seek and will work towards getting you the full value of what you are owed.